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Corporate social responsibility

As a family business deeply rooted in its community, Gonet is committed to playing its part in the development of its own corporate social responsibility (CSR) in environmental, economic, and social matters in conjunction with all of its stakeholders.

A CSR Committee composed of seven employees devises and implements a policy and CSR values intended to gradually become part of the company’s sustainably strategy favouring the long term, proximity, and good sense.

For example, the “100 Gonet employees = 100 days for the community” initiative offers every employee a day off to dedicate to an environmental or social cause, and an annual “Community Day” brings together all employee volunteers for a project dedicated to the community.

In the field of investment in particular, the Bank manages the La Française Inflection Point Gonet Swiss Equity fund, which is invested in Swiss companies in accordance with an SAI (Strategically Aware Investing) approach incorporating traditional ESG criteria as well as the capacity for innovation, adaptation, and responsiveness of companies.