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Entrepreneur office

Entrepreneur Office by Gonet & Cie SA offers a platform of expertise designed, on the one hand, for entrepreneurs at the development stage or in the transfer/sale phase, and on the other hand for investors interested in investing in companies not listed on the stock exchange (private equity).
It is aimed primarily at key players and stakeholders operating in French-speaking Switzerland, the natural market of Gonet & Cie SA and a region that is particularly favourable to the development of an entrepreneurial spirit.
Consistent with our business model, this activity fits in with the concept of an open architecture that characterises the range of services offered by the Gonet Group, and which guarantees the independence of our approach. For entrepreneurs as well as investors, the complementary services developed in the Group (in particular, asset management, estate planning, pension/retirement etc.) can be drawn on in the value creation process.
Over and above the service offered, Entrepreneur Office embodies the commitment of Gonet & Cie SA to contribute to the real economy that creates jobs and is innovative.


Our offer, which is addressed particularly to entrepreneurs, consists of providing advice and support on aspects that are vital to their development, particularly as regards positioning, access to finance, transfers and networking.

We study their project in detail, go through all the stages necessary for its implementation with them, and provide a professional selection of intermediaries that are specialists in private equity finance.

By becoming involved ahead of a creation of potential value - and not just after a sale transaction - Gonet & Cie SA is a true partner as both a wealth manager and a wealth developer.


For investors, the platform aims to provide interested clients with opportunities to commit to an asset class expected to grow more and more. As asset management professionals, and thanks to our strong proximity to our natural market, we wish to promote private equity as an investment vehicle in direct connection with the real economy.