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Indexing Management

Do you wish to benefit from an investment method that is traditionally reserved for pension funds to grow your savings in the same way as your private pension assets (vested benefits/3a)?

Discover our semi-institutional management approach via our Semi-institutional Gonet 30 investment strategy on the Pictet LPP 2015 indices, the objective of which is to execute effective and efficient index-based management. You thus benefit from a robust index-based investment strategy that seeks capital growth over the long term.

Did you know?
The Gonet Group’s Pension Fund collectively manages the savings of our employees via the Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 fund. In this way we align our interests with yours..

Advantages of the Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 fund
• Allocation of 30% equities based on the Pictet LPP 2015 indices
• Compliance with the legal provisions of the OPP2 regulation and approved by private pension funds
• Institutional class (vested benefits/3a)
• Retail class (private investors)
•Class for qualified investors

Prospectus Lemania Pension Fund

Factsheet Lemania Pension Fund Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 Class I - Mar. 2021 (PDF)