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Launch of the Semi-Institutional
Gonet 30 Euro fund


Launch of the Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 Euro fund

The bank Gonet & Cie is expanding its semi-institutional management with the launch of Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 Euro. This Swiss investment fund is intended for private and institutional investors and is in line with the Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 CHF fund. It adopts a long-term index-based strategy which incorporates an SRI component. Based on a risk budget of 30%, the new fund benefits from a robust and efficient allocation methodology traditionally reserved for institutional investors.

The Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 Euro fund was launched on 15 January 2020 and comes in the form of a sub-fund within the Lemania Pension Fund (1) and is intended for qualified and non-qualified investors within the meaning of the CISA. With an initial subscription of 15 million euros in this new sub-fund, Gonet & Cie now manages more than CHF 120 million under semi-institutional management through Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 CHF and Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 Euro.

The Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 Euro is designed to achieve capital appreciation over the long term through returns earned on a globally-diversified investment instrument. Its balanced portfolio of traditional assets offers investments which are primarily focused on securities or European issuers listed in various sectors, countries and currencies. The fund's strategic allocation is geared towards Swiss and European real estate (10% exposure) and includes an SRI bias in the selection of equities. The strategy of the Semi-Institutional Gonet 30 Euro does not incorporate a tactical model in terms of allocation, and its risk budget is set at 30%.

Gonet & Cie manages the group savings of the members of its Pension Fund through the Gonet 30 CHF fund, which therefore makes it possible "to align our interests with those of our clients, since we are invested alongside them," says Nicolas Gonet, CEO.

For Alexandre Michellod, Director of the Wealth & Investment Solutions Department and member of the Bank’s Executive Committee, "the launch of this new sub-fund in Euros is a good example of the ongoing evolution of our offering of services dedicated to Private Banking and Wealth Management."


Gonet & Cie SA

Gonet & Cie SA, whose roots go back to 1845 and which is headquartered in Geneva, offers global

wealth management services to private Swiss and international clients. The Gonet Group has nearly 130 employees and has offices in Geneva, Lausanne and Nassau. Gonet & Cie SA is a member of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) and of the Association of Swiss Private Banks (ASPB).

Lemania Pension Fund (1) Lemania Pension Fund is a Swiss contractual investment fund in the "other traditional investment funds" category in accordance with the Federal Law of 23 June 2006 on collective capital investments. The fund prospectus and contract as well as the latest annual and biannual reports and key investor information documents, in French, are available at no charge from the management of the fund FundPartner Solutions (Suisse) SA, Route des Acacias 60, 1211 Geneva 73. The depository bank of the fund is Banque Pictet & Cie SA, Route des Acacias 60, 1211 Geneva 73.