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We at Gonet & Cie SA adhere to a truly personalised approach, with no recourse to standardisation. Consequently, the way that we manage your assets will depend to a large extent upon your investor profile, which we define at the same time as your return expectations and your risk tolerance.

Defining your personal risk-return profile is a key step in determining the portfolio management strategy that will best reflect your goals.

We therefore devote particular care to understanding your needs. In discussion with you, we perform a complete analysis of your situation, including:

•    Net worth
•    Financial goals
•    Time frame
•    Reference currency
•    Income needs
•    Risk tolerance
•    Withdrawals or additional funds foreseen
•    Special restrictions

This information will play an important role, first in determining and applying your investment profile (see also Diagnostic & Solutions), and then in enabling us to target and capture the opportunities best suited to your profile, through the most appropriate strategic and tactical asset allocation.